Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Famous South Indian Restaurant In Gurgaon

At one time, Gurgaon was a Delhi suburban area, however the Millennium City has come into its own, and people who reside as well as work in Gurgaon don't have to go to the capital on a daily basis. Gurgaon nowadays, like Delhi, offers outstanding food and entertainment choices in almost all  categories. You'll discover that a lot of the renowned restaurants are there in Delhi and Gurgaon, and few even in Noida and Faridabad.

Being one of the fastest developed urban centre of India, Gurgaon is famous for the most happening places, classy 5 star hotels, shopping malls, lively entertainment places and few top class restaurants  where you are able to eat and spend good time with your family and friends. If you are travelling in Gurgaon to discover the best places to dine, you will come across numbers of premium as well as budget choices for having delectable food, all over the place.

In India, regarding food, where even international restaurant chain brands threw in the towel and went vegan, yummy meat-free food is really easy to get.

Vaango, which means come in, is the typical way of people of Tamil nadu to invite guests. It is the best south Indian restaurant in gurgaon where the best south Indian cuisine in Delhi NCR gurgaon, is offered with some style.


Besides providing one of the nutritious cuisines in the nation, Vaango offers fast, cost-effective and cordial customer service and exclusive food. Its outlets are designed with a wide-open kitchen concept that’s been based on the basis of prize winning quality & cleanliness. You are able to now enjoy looking at your Dosa being prepared right in front of you. Moreover, a particular health section on the menu consists of neer dosas as well as appams. There is one casual seating area for friends, family, as well as comfort seats with calming music to add to the whole experience. In a unique attempt, the brand makes the eating experience more interactive as well as entertaining. It engages consumers through Facebook, which provide entertaining contests, menu information, reviews, debate forums, etc. As a part of the entertaining experience, Vaango makes the experience straight away transferable via a touch screen based Fb app.

A customer is able to just click his picture via the touch screen and transfer it on Facebook in seconds, recording his Vaango moment at their Live web station. Being a part of the brand's club makes any customer feel special.

For more information visit:http://www.vaango.in/.

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