Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Healthy South Indian Recipes - Preferred by health conscious people

Think of India and one of the primary things that strike us is its diversity. A huge nation, its population is next to China only, its languages are many and each state (of which there are 28 plus seven Union territories) is one of its kinds in its customs and very significantly, its food.

Indian restaurants are the places where you are able to find healthiest food that is tasteful and aromatic.  People from western countries are mad about eating Indian food.
Indian recipes are varied and amazing, according to religious beliefs, dissimilar types of weather, traditions and accessibility of items in particular states.
Every Indian recipe with its specialty will excite you. Diverse Indian cuisines have its diversity, flavors as well as tastes.

Some Healthy South Indian Recipes:
For people having lower digestive power, food from south Indian cuisine is of great assistance to them. Idli, Idiyappam and pongal (exclusive of butter or ghee) are only some items that help people with digestion troubles. Rice is the major item used in preparing all these dishes, which is easier to digest and do not create any health troubles because a smaller amount of oil is used during cooking. Fenugreek is the seasoning majorly used in south Indian food recipes, to balance heat and moisture level in the human body.
Rice is suitably cooked in diverse shapes before it reaches the eatable state. Ragi dosa, wheat upma are a small number of dishes that help people who are sick with Diabetes, as they have to stay away from excess of rice eating. Spices as well as lentils are used in different forms to prepare range of dishes, all without compromising the flavor and taste, too. Diverse lentils are used while preparing sambhar and other south Indian recipes. Vegetables are a necessity in every south Indian food, which adds basic protein, vitamins, minerals and additional health factors to one’s body.

All in all, Indian food preparation can be made healthy, if the long-established and authentic techniques are used appropriately. Indian recipes are sure having a variety of secrets to healthy cooking and living. It is essential to make use of the spices and constituents aptly to obtain an authentic flavor and taste.

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