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South Indian Food: One of the Most Admired Food


Food is one thing which brings varied cultures and countries together. There is a famous saying that after every couple of kilometers the food and language differ. This statement does stand true in case of India which is a multi-faceted land with having diverse food culture. The food and the use of spices are completely different in every region. With continuous innovations and inventions in the field of technology and transportation the geographical boundaries have become nil bringing together the flavors and tastes from one part to another. 

Each region in India has something unique to offer to food enthusiasts be it north, south, east or west spice of varied quality, type and quantity is used in food for bringing out the varied flavors of the region.
Whenever someone mentions south Indian food menu the very moment names like plain dosa, masladosa, onion rawa masala, rawa plain dosa, plain uttapams, vegetable uttapams, idli sambar, vada sambar to various other such names flash in one’s mind. To add more to the list of south Indian cuisine items list include items such as idiappam, rasam, murukku, thayirpachidi, poriyal, thayirsadam, thayirvadai, kootu, papadum, appalam and many more which offer authentic south Indian flavors.

Dictionary states that South Indian Food is used to define the varied food items so offered and found in the four  southern states of Indian, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. These regions are well known for their hot and humid climate with abundant of rain leading to refresh supply of fruits, vegetables, and rice. And it is for this abundant supply which is completely reflected in the food so offered. The Andhra food is mostly vegetarian with a large influence of seafood in its coastal areas where as Tamil Nadu has more of Chettinad cuisine which is also largely vegetarian. The cloths so worn in the Southern part of India or the use of spices does not matter when it comes to a delicious meal so offered. 

Most of these south Indian food recipes is a perfect blend of vegetables, spices, taste, flavors, colors and nutritional balance most of all. The perfect use of rice, coconut, tamarind, curry and curry leaves contribute exceptionally to the appearance and taste of the food at large. It is for these uses of herbs, leaves, spices, vegetables, lentils and other such items that make the South Indian Cuisine so special and delectable.

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