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Reasons why idly is a Common Food in Indian vegetarian dining

South Indian is a home for the Indian delicacies. This can be supported by the fact that Tamil a place in the south of Indian has contributed heavily on cooking dishes in India. Most of the South Indian Recipes have been adapted in other parts of India. Among the dishes originating from the south is idly. Idly is usually made from rice. It is sometimes described as rice cake by the Indians. The food item is mostly served during breakfast but can also be served during dinner. Idly is usually consumed by millions of people in India and around the world. The meal should be served when hot. The side dishes served with aptly should also be served hot.

Rice is a common food in most parts of India especially on the south. This makes it make up a high percentage of the food served in any of the South Indian Cuisine.  So in most families and restaurants idly becomes the ideal choice for breakfast and dinner. The meal is usually easy to make and serve. What one may then tend to ask is how the food is prepared. 

One should begin by boiling rice. Rice is boiled before being hulled and put in the sun to dry. This usually gives a variety of rice which has added tastes. This is usually absent in raw rice which has been boiled after being hulled. The rice gets a yellow color while maintaining the nutrients and taste in it. 

The boiled rice is then mixed with urid dhall and thoroughly cleaned. The mixture is then allowed to soak for four hours to prepare it for grinding. When ready, the mixture is ground in a mixy when needed in small quantities or using a special grinding machine when needed in large quantity for a South Indian family restaurant. The ground batter is then added salt and allowed to soak for up to twelve hours. This is usually necessary for making the cooked idlies soft when cooked. When ready the fermented batter is poured in a special idly cooker and baked for about ten minutes which brings out a soft, tasty, hot Idlies.

Adding salt and fermentation usually acts as a treatment to the entire meal. This is because it makes the food safe for consumption by all. It is digestible when taken by children, the old and even the sick. There are many other delicacies which can be found in a south Indian vegetarian dining, like English bread, Italian pizza, Indian chapattis or even French fries. They all have a sweet taste and smell but always cautioned to keep away from them by physicians. However, idly is usually the safest of them all. It is consumed by people across all ages, by the sick for its ease to be digested and gives the consumer no side effects.

Idli Sambar can be served with a variety of side dishes like the authentic coconut chutney, samba, mutton and even fish curries. The food is popular among many people with a taste for Indian dishes because of its flexibility. The dish can be found in major restaurants around India and around the world.

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