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Variety of Indian cuisine

India is a nation where every state has its individual customs and unique cuisines. The different climatic conditions in every state also add to the diversity of food. The diverse cooking arrangements are usually distinguished by vegetables, pulses as well as spices. Vegetarianism is common in various parts of India. Though, British, Mughal and Portuguese rule in the country has also influenced the taste and food of a lot of places.

Diversity of Indian food is reflected in the food items and spices used in various parts. North India is rich in pulses and legumes; therefore the cuisine comprises lots of different rotis, paranthas, dals and curd. Pickles and chutney are also very well-liked in this region. Mughal inspiration is very apparent in a lot of non vegetarian dishes, mainly in Kashmir.

Eastern Indians eat lots of rice as well as rice based dishes and curries. Being near to or next to different water bodies, fish constitutes a big element of eastern cuisine. Spices for example cumin, coriander and mustard are also utilized in great quantities.
South Indian food is tremendously well-liked in the country and abroad. Rice, coconut, tamarind, curd, curry leaves and mustard seeds feature notably in the food items from this area. Dosa, idli, rasam, sambar, curd rice, lemon rice are a number of the all the rage south Indian dishes.

Food habits in Western India are diverse. Goa serves up mouth-watering delights that reflect the deep influence of extended Portuguese rule in that region. The food is coastal and highly spiced; while further up around the deserts rotis and pickles or preserves compose the standard diet of the people there, because of the shortage of green vegetation in those dry areas.

In addition to this, a range of Indian snacks and sweets can also be noticed in the various parts, which the people of this nation find irresistible to indulge in. 

Milk as well as milk based products are used commonly in dessert dishes here. A range of nuts, molasses, coconut and flour are a few of the central ingredients of Indian sweets. Cultural influences can be noticed in these items also.

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