Tuesday, 18 September 2012

South Indian food- Admired by people world over

Cuisine from Southern Part of India is enjoyed by most people across the world. South Indian food is well-known for its exciting flavors and mouth-watering dishes.

Indian cuisine is a combination of different regional styles. There is no single word that describes Indian food. To a certain extent, its variety is its base. If you would like to have a right understanding of this cuisine, its regional food is something you just can't miss. Spices are used in great quantity all over the country. However, it is the difference of spices and food preparation techniques that distinguish one region from another.

South Indian food is one of the top preferences of food lovers when it comes to treating their palates. The majority of times, when you ask somebody from India about what cuisine they like eating out, you'll surely get an immediate answer, "South Indian".

South Indian cuisine: The Southern part of the nation makes use of spices, fish and coconut generously. Moreover, due to the close proximity of the shoreline, a range of seafood is also eaten by them. In Tamil Nadu, tamarind is utilized to add tanginess in dishes and it is what that differentiates it from other cuisines. In Andhra Pradesh, red and green chillies are used a lot and it surely makes food very hot. Appams, dosas, idli sambar and rice puttu are well-known dishes of this state of the nation. In fact, Dosa is world renowned.

The entire custom of eating dosas for breakfast time is an experience of its own. The dosas are prepared one at a time and served hot, fresh off the pan, with spoonful of salty and sour tasty chutney, highly spiced sambar and gunpowder. It's an exquisite combination of flavors and textures - the crunchy dosas, the soft, diluted authentic coconut chutney and the hot gunpowder. It's more or less a war to observe who is able to eat more dosas until everybody is stuffed to a bursting point. Dosa is usually explained by 5-star hotels as a crunchy lentil pancake, served with coconut delight and a hot lentil soup. On a second thought, that's a pretty good explanation.

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Vaango’s outlets are designed with an open kitchen concept that’s been derived from the principle of outstanding quality & cleanliness: You can now enjoy watching your Dosa being prepared, just before you.

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