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All about the delicious south Indian food served by the restaurants in Delhi

South Indian Breakfast Menu
India is a country with diverse culture and lifestyles with the population exceeding 1.2 billion. A large numbers of food items are prepared here by the people coming from different cultures and race. South Indian dishes are prepared by the people living in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and the southernmost countries of India.
 Some of south Indian dishes such as Idli, Dosa and uppam are famous not only throughout India but throughout the world. The reasons behind this extreme popularity of the south Indian recipe are that it is extremely delicious and tasty. The dishes are prepared with minimum use of oil therefore are extremely good for health .Spices used  to prepare certain dishes are effective in curing different diseases .Ayurveda experts recommend that certain spices which are used a ingredient to make south Indian foods are helpful in curing ailments such as cough and cold. The popularity of the south Indian foods in different parts can be estimated from that fact that you will get more than ten thousand restaurants across India selling exclusive south Indian dishes.
You will get some of the best south Indian Cuisine in Delhi NCR; which is the capital of the country. A major uniqueness about south Indian dishes is that authentic sambhar and chutney prepared from coconut is served with every dish. The craze of south Indian food has increased a lot among the citizens of Delhi. Lentil leaves present in sambhar have numerous health benefits and are extremely good for our eyes .Vada is another important south Indian menu extremely famous because of its mind blowing taste. Dahi vada, dal vada and medu vada are some of popular varieties available in different restaurants.
 Dosa ia also available in large number of varieties such as masala dosa   , plain dosa and rava  dosa .Utthapam is another south Indian food which has gained immense popularity throughout India. Malabar Parantha is another recipe from the south which will make your taste buds rolling. It is served with a delicious vegetable made from all the seasonal vegetables. The method of preparation of tea is also quite different when compared with rest of the country. In south India the tea is mixed together with a unique style which can only be done by experienced personnel. It is done increase the aroma and taste of the tea; similarly filter coffee prepared by them also tastes mind blowing.
The India restaurants about the apple are accouterment the adorable aliment recipes and tasting the world. If you wish to adapt these foods, you accept to accept all the bounded spices from the subcontinent. Some humans about the Indian country are acclimation their recipes from restaurants rather than making. Sometimes it is good, because advancing these recipes are animated plan to do. Especially advancing the capacity for fail is absolutely a asperous to do. 
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