Monday, 28 January 2013

Select Vaango for Typical South Indian Food

In this world there is no other country like India, which has this much diverse culture and cuisines. India is well known for its food and culture, each state and region has distinct food specialty. Climate and vegetation of that place contributes a lot to the food of that particular region. North Indian and South Indian cuisines are the most popular ones. In south the food is prepared by adding exotic spices and ingredients that offer a unique flavor and aroma. Rice and coconut are common ingredients of all dishes, in almost all cuisines rice and coconut are added. No South Indian dishes  is complete without rice and coconut in some form or other.
When we talk about the authentic South Indian food then both the variety of food and the serving style make the daily meal more exciting and special. Even the menu at the South Indian restaurants is mesmerizing and toothsome. Some staple South Indian dishes ranges from plain dosa to masala dosa, onion rawa masala dosa, uthapams, vada sambar, mixed uttapam, sambhar idli, upma and many more. Some more typical cuisines that are not easily available at all South Indian restaurants are murukku, uthappam, payassam, idiappam, rasam, biryani, poriyal, kootu/kari, papadum, etc. This list of varieties goes on in case of the dishes of south; even foreigners enjoy all these delicious and visually appealing dishes in typical form that is on the banana leaf. All these dishes are served either with pickle, sambar, coconut chutney, onion, tomato or yoghurt chutney.
South Indian food is a perfect blend of nutrition, taste, aroma, flavors, colors and appearance. It is considered healthy because the spices used in it are completely natural and have medicinal properties. They also have herbal values and help in getting rid of many diseases that is why proper food of south is preferred everywhere. Classic South Indian food is also easily available at Vaango, which is a typical South Indian restaurant chain. It defines the customary culinary experience with authentic and traditional delicacies in modern ambience. Here you can enjoy an extensive variety of food such as rice, Rasam, Malabar parantha, Uthapams, rava dosa, Idli, Vada, Lassi, Vada payasam, Rava Kesari and chilled filter coffee. It caters the wide variety of authentic South Indian Cuisine to the people of all age groups. It serves one of the healthiest cuisines in the country with fast, friendly and effective service. It also maintains the consistency and the highest quality of its products with its experiential services.
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