Friday, 22 February 2013

Experience Addictive South Indian Recipes at Vaango

South Indian Breakfast Menu

Whenever we think about South India, the first thing that comes to our mind is typical South Indian food. The food which is a healthy as well as a perfect blend of authentic flavors and tang. Many people think all Indian foodstuffs whether north or south Indian, are similar in taste and style. But taste buds of only a food passionate can detect the millions of hidden flavors and essences in all such items. All Indian cuisines are extremely different from one another; even cuisines of same region have immense variations. In south a huge variety of distinct South Indian cuisines is available showcasing the real diversity of food and culture over there. 

In south all food recipes are prepared from almost same ingredients and spices but still they offer absolutely unique flavor and taste. Rice and coconut are basic ingredients that are used for preparing interesting recipes like idli, dosa, utthapams, curd, lemon and tomato rice, biryani, podi, etc. All these spicy and scrumptious recipes are accompanied with various wet chutneys and sambhar. Even at several South Indian restaurants these chutneys and sambhar are the served non-stop to all customers so that they can taste these accompaniments without any limit. Even at Vaango, a leading South Indian restaurant unlimited servings of sambhar and chutneys are available for their customers. 

South Indian Food

Vaango is a renowned South Indian food chain in India welcoming people to have an exceptional culinary experience. This restaurant caters delicious food for all age groups in a modern ambience. It is a purely vegetarian restaurant with a primary motive of delivering yummy and fresh food to its guests. Here healthiest and mouth watering dishes are served in a comfortable environment with authentic flavors of south. 

An extensive range of recipes are available such as idli vada, Malabar parantha, medu vada, dahi vada, rava dosa, utthapams, upma, lassi, vada payassam, chilled filter coffee and many others. Even for health conscious people they have fat free and calorie free recipes like appam, ishtew, neer dosa and upma, so that they too can taste the South Indian food without compromising with their diet. Vaango renders excellent services with high quality products to all its customers. One can also experience friendly and efficient services with cheerful ambience. Other than eating, here customers are also kept engaged through other interactive Facebook activities that offer discussion forums, fun contests, menu updates, reviews etc.  And this wonderful experience is easily transferrable as well through touch screen based Facebook app. 

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