Monday, 25 February 2013

South Indian Food has Many Similarities with Diversities

South Indian Food

South India is famous for its beaches, resorts, hill stations, food, culture as well as actors with thick moustaches. Out of all these attractions food is the most popular one because of its exceptional taste, flavor, aroma and spices. Spices used in South Indian cuisine are world famous and even foreigners are fond of these spices. Some prominent varieties of spices are cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. A balanced use of spices is done in all cuisines to bring the perfect taste and aroma. For more superior flavors mustard seeds, curry leaves, coconut and red chilies are also added to the recipes. 

South Indian Food

Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are most popular states of South India. Even after being the part of southern India these states have many variations in food habits. But rice is considered as a staple food. Most of the recipes are either made up of rice or are rice centered. Tamil Nadu is one of the most famous states consists of Brahmins and non-Brahmins castes. But here non-vegetarian food is much preferred. Chettinad cuisine in Chettinad district of Tamil Nadu is world famous for non-vegetarian recipes made up of a wide variety of spices. Andhra Pradesh also has loads of food diversity but as it is dominated with coastal regions so sea-food is much prevalent here. Even spicy Hyderabadi cuisines is quiet popular because of dishes like biryani, kababs, baghare baingan, korma, meat, fish, etc. Food of Karnataka and Kerala is also very much diverse basically classified on the basis of various communities there. But even after all this diversity some well-known cuisines like idli, vada, upma, dosa, utthapam, rava dosa, Rasam and many other lip smacking dishes are easily accessible everywhere in South India. 

Nowadays even authentic south Indian dishes are available at various South Indian restaurants in Delhi. But the best flavors can be attained only at destinations that have typical South Indian flavors. Vaango is one of those restaurants in India. It is the restaurant chain that defines south Indian flavors and tastes in the best way. It delivers the real recipes with authentic spices in the most interactive and friendly ambience. It is purely vegetarian and high quality restaurant with traditional delicacies from south in its menu. Its outlets are designed with an open kitchen concept to offer hygienic, effective and friendly service to all its guests. Even those who are searching for a South Indian restaurant Delhi for some typical and delicious dishes can opt for this place. 

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