Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Frothy South Indian Coffee for Coffeeholics

South Indian Breakfast Menu

South Indian coffee popularly known as filter coffee is very much famous all over India for its aromatic flavor and addictive taste. It is made from dark roasted coffee beans and chicory, which is absolutely different from what we get in Indian coffee shops. This coffee is prepared in its own unique traditional style. It is brewed in a customary metal device or filter and even it is served in a traditional tumbler with a metallic bowl like saucer called as Davarah. This filter style coffee is extremely popular in all regions of South India, be it Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala or Andhra Pradesh. 

This style of coffee is a cultural icon in South India. It is extremely delightful and is not at all like other instant coffee varieties. If you will taste it once then this is assured that you will forget other Italian style coffees. This coffee is made up of pure milk and has natural flavors of grounded coffee and chicory roots. Such coffee has loads of health benefits along with mesmerizing flavor and aroma. In South India you can get this coffee anywhere right from a small roadside stall to a five star restaurant. But in other parts of India they are specifically available at reputed South Indian Food Restaurant. There you can experience its authentic flavor in a typical South Indian style. Even at Vaango you can taste this filter coffee in two styles that are hot and chilled.


This style of coffee making is simple as well as distinct. One can easily make this coffee but the real taste and perfection comes only from practice. This method of preparing coffee is so quick and easy that one can prepare it at home with an ease but for original South Indian taste you can visit Vaango, which is a leading South Indian food restaurant in India with a wide range of South Indian cuisines. Here one can get delicious dosa, idli vada, utthapam, payasam, rava dosa, Malabar paranthas, medu vada, curd rice, bisibele bhath, etc. Upma, neer dosa and Appams are also available for health conscious customers. Other than these entire delicacies and South Indian culinary experience one can also enjoy the warm and friendly contemporary ambience at Vaango. This chain of restaurants is a people centric organization, which is growing rapidly and is trying to deliver high quality and effective services to its customers across the country. 

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