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South Indian food-Relished by all In India


South Indian Cuisine
India is the place for mouth-watering, lip smacking food. From North to South, it offers a vast range of dishes influenced by diverse races at diverse points of time. Be it wholesome Mughlai dishes, special Rajasthani food, Bengali sweets or South Indian delicacy like Idli, dosa, vada etc. in all parts of the nation: India presents something fresh, special and new.
Dosa is the most famous South Indian food item liked by many. It doesn’t matter where the dish came from; what matters is the flavor. The mesmerizing country is a vast land, where variety continues to exist in every part, be it in conditions of verbal languages, outfits worn or food eaten. The excellent thing is that this varied society is well modified in different states. For example, the fame of the South Indian cuisine is all over the country. Sambar Idli is very much relished in northern states. Nowadays, nearly all of the restaurants in the nation offer different items, specific to every state. In all restaurant menus, you can come across South Indian items, for example plain dosa, masala dosa, rawa plain dosa, rawa masala dosa, onion rawa masala, idli, vada sambar, plain uttapam, mixed uttapam, Rasam and so on. The authentic coconut chutney is given with all the food items. This chutney is prepared from coconut, fenugreek seed, peanuts, tamarind, along with cilantro. Priced very rationally, these items are quite affordable for the regular customers.
Idli Sambar

The fame of the South Indian Food can be due to the exclusive flavor of these items. For example, Idli Sambar is not just tasty and filling, however is also healthy. Idli, the steamed rice cake is relished by all food fans of India. Prepared by steaming batter, it is made from a blend of soaked pulses as well as rice. Sambar is a flavorsome curry offered with dosa and idli. It is a low calorie curry prepared from split red gram (daal), spices and bits of a variety of vegetables such as pumpkin, drumstick etc.
The delight of being served south Indian food by a south Indian waiter and prepared by a south Indian chef never diminishes.
Vaango is a unique concept in India where one is able to have genuine South Indian food in a modern ambience. It is the Best South Indian restaurant chain started by Devyani International as a part of its expansion venture. ‘Vaango’, which stands for ‘come in’ in Tamil, redefines the South Indian dining experience.

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  2. South Indian Dishes are hot favorite of everyone at our home. Its special coconut chutney which is served with the Dosa is way too awesome and much liked by us.
    Indian food because of its authentic Indian dishes is THE BEST CUISINE.