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South Indian Vegetarian Food Restaurants- Offering nutritious and fresh food

                                  South Indian Food Recipes
Indian food is enormously admired and is constantly in demand all over the world, from the past two decades. The food trade in India has been ongoing over a lot of years and because of its wide diversity and special method of cooking, the country’s cuisine has developed a vast recognition all over the globe.

India is generally categorized into four regions, North, South, East and West. The customs and cooking practices of the people in all of these regions is extremely dissimilar. The method of food preparation and the flavor is also wide-ranging. The food here is not just delicious; however it is very much nutritious as well as healthy. The major secret behind the flavorsome food is the usage of broad range of spices that we put in to add to the taste and aroma.

South Indian dishes are very much in demand and are very hotter as well as spicier than north Indian dishes. Here, the staple food is rice but in Northern cuisine, people have a preference for breads. Sambar as well as rasam are the main curries used with rice. Vegetables and fruits are accessible in abundance which is very much reflected in the curries. Chilies, mustard, curry leaves and tamarind are the most used ingredients in south Indian food recipes

South Indian cuisine is known for its richness and is amongst the most flavorsome and diverse food in the entire world. Dosa is a very well-known south Indian dish, which is prepared from rice and lentils. It is full of proteins and carbohydrates. 

                               South Indian Breakfast Menu

South Indian vegetarian food restaurant offer healthy meals, keeping diverse kinds of tastes and likings of the consumers in mind. There is often a vast spread of variety in the menu.

Vaango, chain of south Indian vegetarian dining restaurants is the favorite option of a lot of people in Delhi and NCRs, when it comes to having authentic vegetarian food. Here, the service is outstanding and the food is always fresh.

Vaango is excellent at satisfying the hunger needs associated to south Indian dishes. It maintains a strong standing for offering quality food.

Vaango in gurgaon is a favorite haunt for people of all ages and from all parts of the world. At any time of the day you are able to come across people sitting in the restaurant enjoying the soft idlis, appetizing dosas, hot uttappams and unique South Indian rice items to name some. The restaurant is also famous for offering party deals in gurgaon.

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