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Sambar-Surely, a healthy food item

South Indian Vegetarian dining

Food with high nutritional value helps us to avoid bad health. A well-known notion which is popular among people is that a well nutritious food item does not taste or smell good. But, this belief in relation to healthy food can be broken down by the classic Indian lentil based mouth-watering vegetable gravy, known as "SAMBAR".

The Lentil stew - Sambar is prepared from vegetables, curry leaves, garlic, tomatoes, onions as well as tamarind water with spices like chilli powder, coriander powder & salt; and taste enhancers like mustard, asafoetida, cumin seeds, fenugreek and coriander leaves. This exclusive mixture of nutrients makes Sambar an extremely healthy food, with being an excellent source of irons, vitamins, protein, potassium etc.

Sambar is made healthy by adding up vegetables which are rich sources of minerals, calcium, iron, vitamins, potassium etc. Curry leaves added with vegetables is an excellent source of Iron and is predominantly utilized to put a stop to premature grey hair. Antioxidant Mustard seeds as well as anti - inflammatory turmeric powder are added to add taste, color and nutritional values to Sambar. Flavor and aroma enhancement is done by adding a little bit of ghee, which work as a tonic for digestive acids secretion and moreover helps to soak up fat soluble vitamins from other foods. Besides the above benefits, its good Glycemic Index slows the absorption causing slow enhancement in blood sugar and insulin level which is eventually good for health.

Delicious, lip-smacking, appetizing, mouthwatering, classic Indian dish called Sambar is used as a side dish to dip for breakfast dishes, for example idli Sambar and as a main appetizer to merge with rice for lunch as well as dinner.

Authentic Sambar

Idli dipped in sambar is amongst the most liked South Indian dish. This simple, tasty and healthy dish is one of the quick served order in any South Indian Restaurant, which makes it all the rage among those who want to grab a quick bite and rush.

One of the best places to satisfy your hunger for lip smacking idli-sambar in Delhi is vaango. This vegetarian restaurant is well-known for its authentic south Indian food.

Here you are able to get as many rolls of delicious sambar and chutney as you would like to have.
So, for an authentic South Indian Vegetarian Dining experience, do visit vaango, the Best Dosa Restaurant in town for having food with family and friends. 

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