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South Indian food-Spicy but healthy

 South Indian Vegetarian dining
A typical meal from south India contains a lot of hot as well as non-spicy dishes, which are mainly veg. A lot of these dishes are a lot blended as well as consumed with boiled rice, which is a staple food of the people in south India.
This food comes in 5 slightly superimposing categories. Primarily are the dishes that are blended with rice; a variety of Sambar and the likes. The next are the side dishes that come with these kinds of blends. 3rd are the south Indian snacks and their side dishes; vadai, a variety of chutneys and the likes fit in to this category. The 4th category consists of the rich, sugary dishes that are served as desserts; Payasam, Kheer, Kesari and a plethora of sweets fit into this category. The 5th category consists of light meals. This consists of different kinds of idlis, different styles of upma, a variety of dosa etc. Preparations from this category are usually served for dinner as well as breakfast, but usually not during the lunchtime. South Indian cuisine mostly offers light breakfast and dinner, a wholesome lunch meal along with evening snacks, often served with tea or else coffee.
Food is usually categorized into six flavors - sweet, sour, salty, bitter, spicy and astringent and usual south Indian cuisine comprises all of these six flavors in every main meal you have. Every flavor has a balancing ability and putting in a few of each offers absolute nourishment, reduces hunger and balances the hunger and digestion.
Sweet (Milk, butter, sweet cream, ghee (clarified butter), wheat, rice, honey)
Sour (lemons, curd, citrus juicy fruits, tamarind)
Salty (Salt or pickles)
Bitter (Bitter gourd, greens of several sorts, fenugreek)
Spicy (Chili peppers, black pepper, mustard)
Astringent (turmeric, pulses, Beans, vegetables, cilantro)
South Indian Recipes are the only recipes that have 4 values. These are “flavors”, “Healthy for body”, “diversity” and “medical value”.
The appreciation for popularizing this food everywhere in India goes to all south Indian restaurants. In fact, in north, any dosa restaurant is more famous than the restaurants serving the local north Indian food. These establishments provide cheap vegetarian breakfast dishes all through the day, all over the country.
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