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South Indian vegetarian restaurants-Liked by many

South Indian Food Menu
 India is a nation with rich legacy as well as varied culture. And Delhi, the capital of the country, is a metropolitan that illustrates an ideal blend of both. People from all over the country live here for diverse reasons. Therefore, it turns out to be the responsibility of all industries to avail all the resources to make their life unproblematic and stress-free. From the southern states also, a lot of people are residing in Delhi.

There is no doubt that there are numerous dining places serving the non-vegetarian customers in the metropolitan cities, yet there is always an authentic vegetarian restaurant running in such places and each visitor who wishes for vegetarian food scouts for this kind of a restaurant. Even international visitors visiting India have shown their preference for local vegetarian recipes.

When it comes to exploring the south culture as well as food in particular, one can say that there are a lot of varieties of dishes. These dishes have got good fame and nowadays people of all states find irresistible to have these dishes. Even, there are many exclusive south Indian restaurants offering all the authentic items for south Indian food fans. A range of items consist of the following: 

Best Dosa Restaurant


Dosa is the most liked south Indian dish. This is mostly stuffed with potatoes and can be offered in a lot of varieties comprising the below mentioned:

Masala Dosa, Onion Dosa ,Cheese Dosa, Onion rawa masala, Rawa plain dosa, Plain dosa etc.


Utthappam is another southern cuisine dish, a lot liked by people and simply accessible at any south Indian restaurant. One major reason behind people being crazy for it is that it has a lesser amount of calories. This is because very less oil is utilized when cooking it. One can moreover have many varieties like onion, cheese etc in this. 

Idli sambar

It is a typical breakfast or lunch item in south families. Viewing the demand of it, every south Indian restaurant has included it in their south Indian lunch menu for its customers.

Besides the abovementioned, there are a lot of other dishes too that are offered at all pure veg restaurants. This consist of Upma, Vada sambar, Idiyappam, murukku, rasam, kootu/kari (vegetables prepared wet), appalam (deep fried lentil-flour crisps), papadum (baked lentil-flour crisps, etc.

Vaango is the best south Indian restaurant in gurgaon and Delhi, especially when it comes to veg authentic South Indian food.

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