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A few of our favorite dishes from southern India

South Indian food………….. Isn’t all Indian food similar in taste?
Well……..No, even by the standards of amateur taste buds.
South Indian food is different.  If you don’t think so, just get a food fan from north and south India together in the same room and ask, “Which food is better?”  

Well……Both the cuisines are good in their own way and are a lot different. Nearly all Indian restaurants in the West provide northern Indian (or Punjabi style) food – rich, buttery curries and sauces; dishes like butter chicken, tandoori baked meats, navratan korma, naan bread and more.
In southern part of India, vegetarian food is the norm. Rather than the cream, cc consist of seeds, popped spices, tomatoes, and a range of dals (lentils) utilized as side dishes. There is moreover a style of eating that includes light meals as well as south Indian snacks, all through the day.

Let’s look at a few of our favorite dishes from southern India.

Best Dosa RestaurantDosa

There is something so wonderful in the amalgamation of the crispness as well as taste of dosa (a lean, huge pancake prepared from a batter of ground rice as well as urad dal) and the slightly spiced, crushed potato mix inside, (the masala).

In a typical South Indian restaurant, the accompaniments of this are: sambar (a little sour-savory sauce prepared from tur dal, tamarind, and vegetables) and a variety of wet chutneys, comprising ones prepared with popped mustard seeds as well as ground coconut (white), chili/mint/coriander (green), and tur dal chutney (red).
All kinds of dosa – comprising Mysore, rava, onion as well as all variation thereof — may well be the subject of a tasty dissertation.

South Indian Breakfast Menu
Imagine a fried, flavorful and thick donut and you’ve got a vada. It’s the lentil, gram flour as well as sometimes potato crush that offer it it’s heft. It can be consumed as a snack or taken in a South Indian Vegetarian dining restaurant with the well-known side dishes of sambar as well as wet chutneys.

Idli SambarIdli

Flavorful, steamed saucer like cakes prepared of a batter from fermented lentils as well as rice. The outcome is soft and fluffy. And yes, you are right– they are offered with the pots of sambhar as well as chutneys.

When faced with the option, we’ll most probably opt for a dosa or vada to an idli; however don’t hold that against them. Idlis are particularly trendy and likable in the morning, mostly after they’ve been steamed fresh.

Therefore, next time you are in India or on the hunt for Indian food, start looking for a South Indian Vegetarian Food Restaurant, as it offers a lot of variety and healthy, flavorsome food.

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