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A Traditional Menu Found in South Indian Restaurants

South India has a distinct place in the culinary map of India. It has a broad choice of vegetarian delicacies to offer.

South Indian recipes are very much based on rice. It is mixed with lentils to prepare amazing south Indian dishes. These items are amazing and mouth-watering besides being nutritious and delicious (because of the fermenting procedure). Before eating, these items are mixed with sambhar, rasam; dry as well as curried vegetables.

Their rice dishes like lemon rice as well as rice seasoned with tamarind, coconut, curry leaves, peanuts, chilies, urad dal along with fenugreek seeds are moreover worth to try once.
Coconut water is a regular drink in South India. Coffee is extremely well-liked in South and filter coffee is all the rage in South Indian restaurants in the world. The SouthIndian food is a dazzling mixture of aroma, colors, flavor, dietary balance, taste, and visual appeal.

An authentic south Indian food menu 

A few of the famous south Indian snacks

·         Idli sambar - Usually comes as steamed cakes made of rice, eaten with sambar as well as authentic coconut chutney

·         Medu Vada or else Rasam Vada  - Doughnut made of lentil in highly spiced gravy or  eaten plain
·         Dahi Vada – Dal doughnut in yogurt
·         Upma – Blend of wheat seasoned and prepared with nuts
The Specialties
·         Rava or else Plain Dosa - Semolina or else rice and lentil pancake
·         Masala Dosa - Rice/lentil pancake full of potatoes as well as onions.....
·         Dosa Onion Rava Masala - onion as well as Semolina pancake full of potato as well as onion masala
·         PaperDosa – Thin like paper rice and lentil pancake
·         Masala Paper Dosa - Thin like paper rice/lentil pancake full of potato masala
·         Mysore Masala Dosa - Rice/lentil pancakes cooked with highly spiced chutney and has a filling of potato
·         Masala Onion Uthappam - Lentil pizza with the topping of onions
·         Mixed Uthappam - Rice-lentil pizza topped with onion, tomatoes, capsicum, green peas as well as Chilies.

The famous filter coffee found in every south Indian vegetarian food restaurant
Tamil Nadu is well-known for its filter coffee since the majority of Tamils have a slight dislike for instant coffee. South Indian Coffee is a sweet milky coffee prepared from dark roasted coffee beans (70%-80%) as well as chicory (20%-30%), particularly famous in the southern states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The mostly utilized beans are Peaberry, Arabica, Robusta as well as Malabar produced in the hills of Kerala Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

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