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South Indian Cuisine-Offering The Best In Flavorsome Vegetarian Dishes

Order a dosa at any south Indian family restaurant offering South Indian food specialties and what you will get is a two-foot-long paper-like rice as well as lentil crepe rolled into a loose round shape or folded in half, with both ends going on the far sides of the service plate. This will mostly make you stare in an amazed hunger, questioning how the heck you are going to have it?
No worries; following are a few instructions newbies can follow to eat in a South Indian style.

Know the flavor:
Usually, there are spicy south Indian food recipes. There is a lot utilization of rice, coconut, chilies, onion as well as curry leaves. Fenugreek, mustard seeds, cumin, chilies are regular ingredients added.The south Indian dishes are hot, simply chili-hot, with a much sourish flavor.
Expect vegetarian menu:
Almost all South Indian restaurants in the world are vegetarian.
 Don't think twice to utilize your hands: "It's totally FINE"

A diner's guide
Following are a few of the south Indian dishes you're likely to come across in a south Indian vegetarian food restaurant.
Authentic Sambar: A spicy lentil dish with vegetables. Texture can vary from thin to thick. Relish it as a soup or utilize it as a dip for different breads and other dunkables.

Dosa: These rice-lentil crepes can be as big as a pizza base. These are available as plain or full of filling, most popularly with spicy mashed potatoes. The Mysore masala dosa spikes the potato with chopped chilies. Dosa is usually served with sambar as well as authentic coconut chutney for dipping.

Best Dosa Restaurant

Its batter is supposed to ferment a bit, earlier than its preparation, so that the finished crepe tastes a tad crisp, like sourdough bread. One can have a dosa with his hands, tearing off the crepe and using it to pick up any stuffing in it. The crepe is pliable, however stiffer than an Indian bread like naan; make use of it more as a scoop than as a wrap.

Vada: Lentil doughnuts that are savory, not sweetish. Taste excellent when freshly prepared. The little rounds are deep-fried until the edges are light crisp. Using your hands, break the vada into little portions and dip in the bowl of sambar as well as coconut chutney. You can order vadas covered in yogurt and tamarind sauce, as well ; it's fine to use a spoon or fork to eat them.

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