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South Indian Dishes - A Delectable Healthy Affair

When you think about India, one of the primary things that strikes your mind is its diversity. Its a  huge nation, its population is 2nd just to China, its spoken languages are many and all states (of which there are twenty-eight and 7 Union territories) are incomparable in their traditions and quite significantly, in their cuisine too. As a matter of fact, food from 1 state might actually be completely alien to a person from some other state! The common thing that monopolizes almost all Indian food though, is the utilization of various spices to create a taste and aroma.

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As far as Indian cuisine is concerned, India can roughly be segregated into 4 regions. All regions have various states in it and every state has its own one of a kind food. The four areas offering variation in the country's cuisine are North, South, East as well as West India. One must indeed, keep in mind that no such description can completely cover the immense variety of Indian food. The actual finding of it, can take years of understanding and very delightful cuisine experimentation.

South Indian food is an amalgamation of subtle flavors. It is mostly non-greasy, roasted as well as  steamed. Rice is the basic diet and forms the base of just about all meals. It is a lot served with authentic Sambar (flavorful Lentil soup), Rasam (thin fluid, spicy soup), as well as curried vegetables. Coconut is a vital element in all South Indian food recipes. A few of the most favorite south indian dishes consist of the Dosa (large, rice crisp pancakes rolled around various stuffings), Idli (steamed rice cakes) and Vada (savory lentil ringed shape fried cakes). Sweets from the South consist of the Rava Kesari (Roasted Sooji sweet-flavored with sugar, amalgamated with dried fruits and garnished through Ghee) and the creamy Payasum (Vermicelli pan fried with powdery green cardamoms, as well as raisins in milk).

There are many south Indian cuisine restaurants in India and overseas, as well. These establishments use authentic home-style food preparation style, and make use of just natural spices as well as ingredients. Hence, these restaurants offer a lot of sumptuous dishes that are lean, wholesome, and low in fat.

So, now you are able to enjoy a healthy meal in a south indian restaurant. These vegeterian family restaurants serve authentic, premium vegetarian food, making use of the best quality ingredients.

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