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List of Some Delightful and Exotic South Indian Dishes

It's a fact no doubt, South Indian cuisine is the most spicy of all Indian food. This food is  centered around rice or rice-based dishes. It is mixed with Sambar (a soup-like lentil dish tempered with a lot of spices as well as chillies) and rasam (a spicy-sour lentil dish), dry & curried vegetables and a range of coconut-based chutneys as well as poppadums. South Indians are exceptional fans of filter coffee. Following are some delightful as well as exotic dishes that you are able to come across in all South Indian cuisine restaurants all over the world!

No longer only a South Indian preferred dish, Idlis are liked and can be found  just almost anywhere in the country. Have them once and you'll understand why. The mixture for Idlis require to be fermented nightlong, to prepare it the very next day.

Dosa (crisp delicious pancakes) is a basic food in its home region. In the remaining of the nation also, Dosas are enormously liked and south Indian restaurants serving them can be found in just about every suburban area! The chefs in these restaurants follow the traditional south Indian food recipes.

Appams are awesome for consuming delectable South Indian curries! Even though simple to make, they take a little amount of practice to perfect. The ingredients for its mixture are supposed to be soaked nightlong, as well.

Sambar is served boiling hot with Idlis, Vadas or plain as well as simple steamed rice.

Coconut Chutney:
This mild chutney is the ideal accompaniment for idlis (steamed rice cakes), dosas as well as  uttapams ( rice pancakes).

This soup-like side dish is baking hot, however you can have it as hot as you like. It tastes awesome with plain steamed rice.

Curd Rice:
It is really a comfort food! A south Indian dish, it tastes excellent with just a pickle or chutney as well as daal (lentils).

Tomato Rice:
A south indian dish, sourish Tomato Rice makes an awesome one-dish meal. It is usually eaten with poppadoms.

Bisi Bele Bhath:
This healthy rice dish from South India can be consumed all by itself. You can eat it with a spicy pickle for added flavor.


The very well-liked Gunpowder  can be enjoyed with Idlis (steamed rice cakes) or Dosas (crispy salty rice pancakes) as well as Sambar or can only be sprinkled on plain steamed rice.

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