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South Indian Cuisine - Having a Magic of its Own

Food is completely linked to everything significant in life; our wellbeing & health, to those who are dear as well as the world around us. But, in the middle of fast food as well as junk food , it's easy to lose the importance of food. It's just there, accessible, at times tasty and healthy than others, easily discarded if we don't enjoy having it.

However, food not just refreshes us, it defines our world for us. When we feel physically fit, nourished as well as cared for; when what we consume makes us happy, life is good. Rather than taking tension on what's ahead or behind us, we start enjoying our present. Food builds  energy in us and makes us enjoy life.

Food has extraordinary power, as well. Because of it, we are able to reach out to people as well as show their value in our life.
At a south Indian vegetarian food restaurant, food is a big celebration of life. The healthy vegetarian south Indian cuisine menu dishes will please your taste buds for sure, as they have an added magic.

Such is the magic of these dishes that any devoted carnivore, for whom it takes a lot to drag him to a South Indian vegetarian dining restaurant that serves just “pure vegetarian south Indian cuisine,”,  after only one trip to such establishments, they convert to vegetarianism.
Though South Indian cuisine does consist of meat dishes too, but largely it is a meatless cuisine. People  enjoy a good dosa with authentic sambar and all the trimmings any day–particularly the paper masala dosa, a light crispy pancake prepared from urud dal batter; filled with potato mix. It is usually served quite traditionally with all the condiments served in individual separate bowls.

“South Indian cuisine menu is largely vegetarian and is based on the idea that food forms the personality, mood, as well as mind,” says Viji Varadarajan, writer of Samayal: The Pleasures of South Indian Vegetarian Cooking. “South Indian Food is always prepared with a great amount of attention given to the balancing of taste, nutrition, quality, as well as variety.”

The menu consist of extremely plain low fat dishes .So, if you like to have a simple yet wholesome meal, in that case you can choose this cuisine. Rice Rasam, idli-sambar, upma, uttapam, plain dosa are a few of the healthy nutritious dishes examples which are very light for the stomach.

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