Monday, 7 July 2014

South Indian Food-The Best Choice for Vegetarians

Almost all people are turning into vegan, these days, and the number is increasing every year. For vegetarians, the challenge is how to come across food that's versatile plus tempting which lets you remain within your dietary framework. It seems that Indian food, rooted in centuries worth of tradition in vegetarianism, is the ultimate food for vegans.
“Generally, it is obvious that vegetarian food is better for people," says Deepak Chopra, whose name has turned out to be synonymous with wellbeing and medicine. "Vegetarianism is better for environmental science and less vicious on life as a whole. Eating habits are established on culture, geography as well as affected by religion." And above all, Vegetarian South Indian food menu is extraordinarily varied in its flavors, too.
Grains, pulses, as well as spices make up the basis of South Indian vegetarian food. There are the famous instant go-to dishes like dosa, idli sambar, vada, uttapam, the hot, soupy authentic sambar, as well as the range of vegetable-based dishes plus pickles that form a South Indian meal.
It's a fact, people are drawn to South Indian food menu, firstly for its health benefits and particularly if they are in search of vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free choices. What's actually tempting, however, is that this sort of food is both healthy and super-tasty. Dishes in this cuisine tend to include diverse flavors as well as ingredients from the typical North Indian fare that people are used to.
These days, people are exploring a lot of the cuisines; therefore I think that also lends itself to the increasing fame of these dishes.
South Indian dishes are light as well as fresh, and the flavors are complex and completely exclusive. A lot of the recipes are focused around rice, dals as well as seasonal vegetables and spiced with coconut, black mustard seeds, chilis plus a host of added seasonings. Curry leaves are special in this cuisine and offer a fresh herb and citrus taste. In this cuisine, there are diverse treatments of pulses, including, you can stir fry it in rice and grind them for batters and chutneys. Moreover, yogurt is also used a lot in Southern part of India. It is present in almost all meals in any south Indian vegetarian food restaurant.
Every one of these flavors — hot, sugary, tangy with fresh vegetables as well as herbs — come together in nearly all South Indian Vegetarian dining.
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