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South Indian Restaurant- A Perfect Place For Any Vegetarian

South Indian Cuisine Menu
There is something warm as well as comforting about food. It feeds and treats; provides heavenly delight. If you live in India, you’ll surely fall in love with the fresh South Indian tiffin or breakfast items that are made in several south Indian restaurant all over India. These well-designed places have comfortable seating arrangements where people tuck into lip-smacking South Indian breakfast delights like melt-in-the-mouth soft idlis, crispy vadas, appetizing dosas, tasty uttapams, mouthwatering rava dosa, delectable paper dosa and so on.
In some restaurants, kitchen is open, and it’s fun to watch the men (there are mostly men, all the time) make dosas, puris as well as plate up dishes at incredible speeds. You never get exhausted of observing them, expertly making hot dosas even if you have not placed an order for one. They make dosas on a giant tawa, which is extremely hot. After sprinkling water as well as cleaning it off, they scoop oil from a tumbler. After that the batter is spread out in a circular motion quite fast. The cook usually makes a group of dosas; therefore each one is spread in fast succession. Then it is lavishly filled with potato onion filling. Folded properly, it is served with delightful sambar as well as coconut chutney. It is absolutely a bliss for any foodie.
With the flavorful fare, a must order is the filter coffee. It is heavenly. Even the way the person makes it is interesting. With extreme precision, he transfers hot milk into the coffee decoction in a steel tumbler never dropping a single drop. After this, your frothy delicacy is all set to taste. Usually, people round up their breakfast with this coffee. It is delicious as well as refreshing.
The boiling containers of sambar and other food stuff along with the buzz about these south Indian restaurants is a lot of fun to observe. Most of these restaurants open their doors early in the morning for breakfast. Moreover, they are crowded with food lovers, all the time.
Visit any south Indian family restaurant which offers the best of dishes made from traditional south Indian food recipes.
South Indian food menu offered by any dosa restaurant is always a delight for all vegetarians.
So, if you are a vegetarian and love to go out with your family to have some flavorful food, then south Indian restaurant is the perfect place for you!!!
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