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South Indian cuisine- Boasting Indian delicacies

South Indian Breakfast Menu
Over the last few years, a lot has changed in South India, except for a handful. These changes have bridged the space that was there amid the diverse cities and made us more connected. However, there are certain things which still strongly make a distinction. Standing strong among this list is the diverse food of the individual states in south. No amount of development will be able to change this, as being distinctive is their peculiarity. And if you have had the chance of tasting this special cuisine, then I’m convinced you will be in agreement to my belief of how this cuisine is exceptional in its own way.

The complexity which is there in the south Indian cuisines makes it difficult to run a south Indian family restaurant, serving out authentic food.

South India is an abode to the Indian delicacies. Amongst the dishes originating from here is idli. It is normally prepared from rice. It is at times explained as rice cake by people. This food item is normally served in breakfast, but can be served in dinner, as well. It is usually eaten by millions of people in India and all over the world. It is supposed to be served when sizzling hot. The side dishes served with it must also be served hot.

Rice is a regular food in nearly all parts of India, but is extensively consumed in the south. Rice composes a high percentage of the food served in any of the South Indian food restaurant.  Therefore in the majority of family restaurants, idli turns out to be the perfect pick for breakfast as well as dinner.

Idli Sambar can be served with a range of side dishes like the authentic coconut chutney and sambar. The dish can be found in many restaurants in India and around the world.

Best Dosa Restaurant

Vaango in India is a one of its kind concept, where one is able to have authentic South Indian food in a contemporary ambience. It is the restaurant chain started by Devyani International, as an element of its expansion journey. 

Its menu has long-established delicacies from South India. It serves authentic veg South Indian food in a contemporary ambience, and pampers all age groups who’re eager to try something innovative, fun, however with an authentic taste.

So, when you are looking forward to a lovely outing with your family to a family restaurant, do consider vaango!!!

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