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South Indian food menu- Diverse and full of flavors

South Indian Food
If you visit a South Indian food restaurant for the first time, there are perhaps a lot of items on the south Indian food menu you have never even heard of. South Indian cuisine menu is unlike the North cuisine that is usually offered in restaurants in the West. South food is usually served with rice, whereas breads are more regular in the North.

South India’s tropical weather produces a lot of spices that are utilized in local south Indian food recipes, for example, mustard seeds, ginger, cumin, coriander, turmeric as well as chili. Coconuts are grown all over in the south and are extensively utilized in cooking there. 

Breakfast items in south India

South India has its individual specialties and a lot of them are breakfast food items. Dosas are considered as the most well-liked breakfast dish, while they are served at lunch and in dinner, as well. It is a flavorful pancake and is offered in seemingly never-ending varieties. A plain dosa is a thin pancake fried in oil and offered with sambar (a hot vegetable/tomato soup) as well as coconut chutney. Set dosas are heavy and you usually find a helping of them along with a bowl of sambar. Masala dosa is a slim dosa that is full of tasty potato mix.

South Indian Breakfast Menu

One more well-liked breakfast dish is idli, a steamed soft rice flour “cake”.  Idlis are not spiced, however they are served with highly spiced sambar, and you can moreover ask for a sambar refill once you finish the first serving. Another breakfast dish is Vada sambar, vada is a fried flavorful doughnut.

If dosas and idlis are not what you like to have, a great option is upma, a blend of semolina, spices, vegetables as well as nuts. Semolina is moreover utilized for a sweet dish known as kesari bath that is flavored with fruits as well as a lot of sugar. Appam, a kind of a pancake prepared with rice flour, is a famous breakfast dish in south India. 

A lot of South Indian breakfast dishes are served with hot curries as well as sauces

Lunch items in south India

The most well-liked lunch meal in South India is thali. In this, the plate is full of bowls that includes a variety of vegetable dishes: sambar and a highly spiced soup known as rasam.  A thali accompanies unrestricted servings of rice and usually also consist of a chapatis or a puris. Thalis can be extremely satisfying as attendants walk around giving out more sambar as well as rasam, once you finish it. The majority of thalis also come with something sweet.

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