Wednesday, 25 September 2013

South Indian Vegetarian Dining- The Finest Experience

South Indian food is so very is light as well as fresh. It isn’t heavy or oily. The spices in it aren’t overwhelmed, however mellow into the rich texture of the dishes.

There are a lot of reasons why we are fond of south Indian food. It is so very is light as well as fresh. It isn’t heavy or oily. The spices aren’t overwhelmed however mellow into the rich texture of the dishes. The coconut taste in a lot of dishes in south Indian food recipes is also relished by people.

We are always in search of an authentic vegetarian south Indian family restaurant, where we can have a good time with our family and we have many options, as well. Undoubtedly, South Indian vegetarian dining is one of the finest eating experiences we can have. As the food is hygienic, simple plus everything is tasty as well as full of flavors.

Nowadays, the contemporary interior design that incorporates the south Indian traditional restaurants is a major drawing factor for many. These modern establishments are hygienic, stylish as well as welcoming.

In their menu, a shot of rasam can really raise anybody’s desire for food.
Of course you cannot enjoy rasam without crunchy deep fried pappadom on the side.

The extensive main course includes idlis, appams as well as dosas. Every single dish at a South Indian food restaurant is loved by people to the core.

It is unbelievable to perceive that a plain vegetarian meal could be so good.
The curries are pretty mild, however full of flavors. The dishes are hearty as well as humble like home style food preparation. It’s not greasy and heavy in any way. Sambar is a south Indian dish that you cannot miss; its taste is so robust and wonderful with hot rice, dosa or idli.
Then there is upuma, one more famous dish. 

The range of desserts at restaurants is amazing. You can get payasam, halwa, fresh fruits as well as ice creams. 

Vaango is a South Indian Restaurant for south Indian Snacks and Dishes made with traditional Recipes.

Built on the QSR model, their list of options consists of traditional delicacies from South India. It offers authentic veg. South Indian food in a contemporary ambience, and pampers all age groups who’re keen to try something new, cool, however with an authentic flavor.
It is advisable to visit this place to experience the pleasure of having authentic south indian meal. The place is actually a heaven for south Indian food lovers who look for good food. It’s such a family friendly eating place.

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